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 LIU Rui-jiang.Influence of Taijiquan exercise on immune balance ability of female college students of non-sports major[J].,2013,05:0.





Influence of Taijiquan exercise on immune balance ability of female college students of non-sports major
山东师范大学 体育学院, 山东 济南250014
LIU Rui-jiang
Dept.of P.E.,Shandong Normal University,Jinan 250014,Shandong,China
Taijiquanfemale college studentimmune balancehomeostasis
目的:探讨12周太极拳锻炼对运动缺乏的女大学生免疫能力的影响。方法:80名运动缺乏的非体育专业女大学生被随机分为太极拳组(TJQ,40人)和对照组(CG,40人),对照组除了正常的日常活动外,不参加任何体育锻炼,太极拳组在太极拳老师的带领下进行12周的简化24式太极拳锻炼,每天练习30分钟,一周练习5天。两组实验对象在12周锻炼前和锻炼后分别测试血清IgG、IgA 、IgM、IL-4、IL-12、IFN-γ、CD3、血睾酮(testosterone,T)、皮质醇(cortisol,C)的含量及全血中CD4+、CD8+。结果:经过12周的太极拳训练,IL-12和IFN-γ含量有升高趋势,但与锻炼前相比并无显著性差异。太极拳组的IgG、IgM、CD4+、T/C和锻炼前及对照组相比有显著升高(P=0.000),血清皮质醇含量和锻炼前及对照组相比有明显下降(P=0.000)。结论:长时间太极拳锻炼可以提高缺乏体育锻炼的女大学生的身体免疫应答,提高抵抗疾病的能力。为太极拳在运动不足的人群中普及提供科学的理论依据。
To assess the effects of 12-week’s simplified 24 form Taijiquan(TJQ) practice on the immune balance of female college students, 80 female students were randomly assigned to control group (n=40) and TJQ group (n=40). The TJQ group performed TJQ under the teaching of a TJQ master. IgG, IgA, IgM, IL-4,IL-12,IFN-γ,CD3, CD4+, CD8+, testosterone and cortisol were measured at pre and post 12 weeks of TJQ practice. The TJQ group had significantly higher plasma levels of IgG (P=0.000), IgM(P=0.05), CD4+ (P=0.032), testosterone/cortisol (P=0.000), and lower cortisol (P=0.000) at post practice compared with their respective pre levels. Levels of IL-12 and IFN-γ rise, but there are no significant differences. The result suggests that long-term TJQ practice might be a potential method to improve the immune function of people. Further studies concerning other immune aspects are needed.


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